Steps of Production Process

1. The Idea for Starting Products
We give the consultation service about various details from the company team to know the guidelines and necessary information about branding and products. And to meet customers’ needs before concluding together for production.

2. Products Development
Our R&D team concludes the production. First, is raw materials selection, product names, and logos. Customers provide guidelines and label formats. Then following by customers’ confirmation to ensure their satisfaction, determine the cost and time to complete the operation.

3. Product Registration
Branding of product registration service provides for our customers’ convenience. We comply with all domestics and international laws such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Registration, export licenses, and product certificates. Besides, we offer product registrations if required by customers who need quick to be the brand owners without waiting for a new listing.

4. Signing Contract
After obtaining the registration number from the FDA, the team will summarize the product model to customers before signing the Parties agreement.

5. Product Design
Label & brochure design consulting service with a unique look and attraction for customers’ target groups.

6. Packaging
We have a variety of packaging options for customers, including bottles, sachets, blisters, boxes, bags, and more.

7. Production Process
The team will notify customers of availability before production for their opening purchase order and proceed preliminary document. Then the factory procures raw materials, packaging, and starts production.

8. Quality Control
We are aware of the importance of every production process, starting from raw materials inspection until delivery to customers. Before delivering the products, our QC department will monitor the quality of products. Once the audit standards passed, we will inform customers, respectively.

9. Services
Providing production customers care services. Customers can easily contact us. We have a consultant team to advise their business expansion and additional products.

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