Plu-Kaow Extract

          Plu-Kaow is considered a medicinal herb that has medicinal properties. It has been used from the past to the present. In Asian countries, the medication used is often found such as anti-inflammatory and immune system enhancement as well as antiviral in various types of viruses such as HIV and Coronavirus that cause SAR and COVID-19, etc.
          The active ingredients are Quercetin, Isoquercitrin, Afzelin, Hyperin, Reyoutrin, Rutin. The current research has found the medicinal properties of active ingredients in Plu-Kaow as follows;

          1. Antibacterial action: The study found that Plu-Kaow extracts can inhibit bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, an infection that causes skin and blood infections. It can also inhibit Escherichia coli, which is a cause of intestinal disorders that can cause diarrhea.

          2. Antiviral activity: In a research, the active ingredients have found in Plu-Kaow extract can inhibit a variety of viruses, such as the Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)(which causes lip herpes), Influenza virus (which causes influenza) and Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)(which causes AIDS). Also, it can inhibit the coronavirus causing both SARS and COVID-19
It found that Plu-Kaow extract inhibits the enzyme that the virus uses to divide to increase the cell number. Furthermore, including preventing the virus from entering our body cells, therefore difficult to get infected.

           3. Anti-inflammatory action: It found that Plu-Kaow extract has properties to decrease the inflammatory occurring in the body. Including the inflammatory that is caused by various types of infections. The mechanism is Plu-Kaow extract inhibits the secretion of substances that causes inflammation such as IL-2, IL-6, and TNF-alpha are reduced, therefore less inflammation occurring.
          Chronic inflammatory is mainly involved in causing various diseases occurring in the body, including cancer.

          4. Antioxidative effect: In a study found that Plu-Kaow extract has antioxidant properties. It will help decrease free radicals that occur in the body. Because if free radicals accumulate in the body by without reducing or eliminating, it will lead to damage or deterioration.
          The degeneration will cause the cell cannot work efficiently or may not work correctly. That is leading to chronic diseases such as heart disease, dementia, cancer, and osteoarthritis.

          5. Immunologic function: is the active ingredients found in Plu-Kaow extract, the research has shown the benefits of the immune system. It can stimulate the immune system and able to stimulate the increase of white blood cells such as CD4 and CD8 white blood cells. Therefore, it is useful for people who have weak immune systems, get illnesses quickly, or infected from viruses such as HIV.
          Moreover, the active ingredients in Plu-Kao extract can inhibit cancer cell growth in a variety of mechanisms. Regarding cancer cells are classified as foreign cells, the immune system can inhibit or eliminate that cancer cell by getting stimulated from Plu-Kaow extract.
          Much research has shown that Plu-Kaow extract contains many active ingredients that have many medical uses. Therefore, it is suitable for those who need health care or want to strengthen their immune system, especially during this period, when the virus is still in the

Plu-kaow extract helps to inhibit the viruses that cause Herpes

          An infection causes the Herpes on the lips with the virus called “Herpe Simplex 1”.
The virus enters into the skin, causing Herpes by the first step. After that, the virus will enter and accumulate into the ganglia. When there are stimulating factors, the virus will move from the ganglia through the nerve to the nerve endings. It will repeat occurring on the skin or mucous membranes. The disease can be found in many places, such as the lips or genital area.

          The research found the properties of flavonoid compounds in plu-kaow, such as Quercetin, Isoquercitrin, and Norcepharadione B can inhibit the herpes virus as follows:

          1. Blocking viral binding and penetration of the active ingredients in plu-kaow can suppress the capture of the virus and inhibit the ingestion of human cells.

          2. Inhibition of NF-κB activation means stopping the NF-κB process in virus cells that have already entered human cells. Because of this process, the virus used to survive and replicate. Therefore, inhibiting NF-κB is equivalent to causing the infection to die more quickly.

          3. Blocking viral replication which means helping to prevent the division from increasing the number of viruses.

          Also, the flavonoid compound in plu-kaow extract is qualified as Immunomodulator.
It will adjust the immune system to work efficiently. That will help to reduce the recurrence of Herpes when not enough rest and stress.
          Therefore, from the data of people who often have herpes disease and do not disappear or when not enough rest and stress cause the relapse. Using plu-kaow extract can help reduce the herpes relapse, be highly safe, and be taken continuously.

Plu-kaow extract, in addition to killing the SARs-CoV 2 virus that causes disease Covid-19, also increases CD4 + and CD8 +.

           As international research, including in China, confirm the result from the studies that, plu-kaow extract can inhibit the division and increase the number of viruses that cause Covid-19 disease. That is currently an outbreak in the world by inhibiting the enzyme named 3C-like protease (3CLpro) and RNA dependent RNA polymerase in the illustration.
          3C-like protease (3CLpro) is an essential enzyme. If the virus doesn’t have these enzymes will not be able to divide; finally, it will die. Besides, it found that this type of virus infection, causing a cytokine storm until the lung was destroyed. Moreover, the virus that caused Covid-19 disease causing the cells in the critical immune system called T cells to reduced. It may become a feature of the immune system that has an HIV infection that causes AIDS.

          That means the infection causing the Covid-19 causes a decline in the immune system and is not effective enough to protect the body from other types of infections.
          The study found that plu-kaow can increase T cell levels, such as increasing CD4 + and CD8 + as the illustration.
          The plu-kaow extract has highly safe for both the liver and kidneys. It can be eaten continuously to fight the virus consistently.

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