Our Company

Core chematis Co.,Ltd. and Vraanun Co.,Ltd. set a safety policy from COVID 19 by spraying disinfectants in the workplaces. All workers must check the temperature and clean their hands with alcohol gel before entering the area. Also, wear sanitary masks during work to reduce the risk and prevent the transmission of COVID 19.

Our Company

Core Chematis Co., Ltd. was found in 2007 by a group of experienced scientists and researchers. The company has wide ranges of products in the market. As being in supplement industry for more than 10 years, we have accumulated experiences as professional in the production of food & herbal supplements.

We are aware and carefully select high quality raw materials of Thai herbs and natural extracts from the nature, including the imported natural raw materials from standard and reliable sources. We control and verify quality standards in every detail of production process. Therefore, we ensure safety of natural raw materials without harmful substances in order to become the filled with quality of dietary supplements. There is truly safe for personal health.

Moreover, we are able to select various qualities of raw material sources. From Thailand and standardized production companies in Germany, India, Japan, Italy, China, and The United States.

With advanced machinery and technology, following the correct procedures of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). We received the International Standards ISO 22000-2018, HACCP, GMP CODEX.

Business Conducts

Various quality raw materials in Thailand and imported from other countries

Traceability and specific of raw materials source

Safe and standard production process

Modern and high technology of machinery and production

Quality Certification

Vraanun Company Limited is meet to international quality standards such as ISO 22000-2018, HACCP, GMP CODEX.

Research & Development

We have highly experienced research personnel and research team. To research, raw material inspection and production planning can support and provide diversify in manufacturing to meet customer needs.

Safety Process

Before performing, all employees in the production department and related parties are clean and under hygienic standards to prevent contamination in every step of the food production process.

Manufacturing Procedure

Our products have been produced by hygienic, safe, clean process and control in every step of the process by experts.

Quality Control

We have a quality inspection team that strictly controls product quality to be systematically standardized to ensure the delivery of the best product to customers.

Packaging Process

The product packing process is precisely controlled for accuracy by under safety and highly strict standards.


Product storage and inventory are assigned in a proper location, and under controlled temperature appropriate for the products. Also, control and manage the room systematically for agility to inspect, track, and deliver to customers.


The product delivery system manages by self-delivery and outsource-delivery. The delivery system is accurate, fast, and efficient. Able to checking the status to report to customers and reaching through on time and safely

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