Production Service

Varaanun Co.,Ltd. has manufacturing integrated services : OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) on Dietary Supplement Products.

Production Formats

Hard Capsule

Soft Gelatin



The Groups of Product Catagories

Whitening skin health and anti-aging

Immunity and anti-cancer

Detoxification and digestive health

Brain and memory health

Women health

Muscle & Energy

Eyes health

Bone & joint health

Hair & nails health

Vitamin & mineral

Thai and Chinese herbals

Be Assure with our service

Vraanun Co.,Ltd. found in 2007 by a group of experienced scientists and researchers. The company has a wide range of products on the market. Being in the supplement industry for more than ten years, we have accumulated experiences as a professional in the production of food & herbal supplements. We can efficiently provide OEM consultation to our customers as well.

Nowadays, many people want to produce their products and brands. As a result, the investment by outsourcing is suitable for you with a less expensive venture. You can open your own company as well as receiving valuable investment returns. Therefore, you should select the OEM manufacturing company that obtains standards and experiences; Vraanun Co.,Ltd. is the answer to your needs
From our ten years of accumulated experiences, we can select different qualities of raw material sources, from Thailand and standardized production companies in Germany, India, Japan, Italy, China, and The United States.
With advanced machinery and technology, follow the FDA’s correct procedures (Food and Drug Administration). We received the International Standards of GMP, HACCP, and HALAL. We have a team of experts who attend detailed advice for your products and brands as well.

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