Emblic Extract

          Emblic is an herbal medicine used in the traditional medicine system to treat patients with Rheumatic pains, Gonorrhea, Asthma, Eye disease, Diabetes, Coronary artery disease, and various cancers.

          The active substances found in Emblic extracts such as vitamin C, Polyphenols, and Triterpenoids. There are studies found the medical benefits of these active ingredients as follows;

          1. Decrease blood lipid levels property (Dyslipidemia): Coronary Heart Disease and Brain Disease caused by narrowing or clogging of the blood vessel. It often has blood cholesterol levels involved. Also, blood lipid levels are considered one risk of the factors cause, such as diseases. The study found that the active substances in Emblic extract can decrease cholesterol levels in the blood. For example, lowering triglyceride levels and total cholesterol.

          2. Anti-diabetic Mellitus Property: The research found that the active ingredient found in Emblica is called “chlorogenic acid,” which inhibits or slows the sugar absorption into the bloodstream by inhibiting an enzyme called “alpha-glucosidase.” That is responsible for changing the starch or carbohydrates to glucose in the small intestine.

          3. Anti-hypertension property: Flavonols and Anthocyanins can help lower blood pressure levels in patients with hypertension. Moreover, it helps the walls of blood vessels to have excellent flexibility. Moreover, it supports compression and decompression to support blood flow efficiently. It helps to lower the risk of diseases in the cardiovascular system.

          4. Antioxidants properties: Emblic is a fruit that contains active ingredients of antioxidant properties. Vitamin C helps in treating those who are destroyed by free radicals.

          5. Immunostimulants property: Emblic is rich in vitamin C. Thus, Emblic extract can help the immune system to work more effectively. It helps to stimulate white blood cells to work for eliminating germs or foreign objects more efficiently. 

           Emblic extract is a fruit extract used in medical operations for a long time. Generally, it helps patients or people to use it as health benefits and various illnesses.

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