Beleric is a prevalent herb in India, including in Thailand. It uses as a medicine component, both in a single form and formula form such as Triphala, commonly used as medicinal properties to rejuvenate, expel phlegm, anti-infective, and eliminate bacteria and reduce various inflammation in the body. Additionally, it also has a mild laxative effect.
          Besides, Beleric has the property to relieve various disorders related to respiratory illnesses. It helps to reduce cough and sore throat.
          According to the current research, the active ingredients found in Beleric are beta-sitosterol, gallic acid, ellagic acid, chebulagic acid, and sitosterol.
          At present, we found that Beleric is used in medicine as follows;

          1. Antioxidant: Beleric consists of gallic acid, which has antioxidant properties. It helps prevent or reduces cell degeneration, prevents illness and restoration in the body.

          2. Decrease cholesterol: Beta-Sitosterol is an essential active substance, a phytosterol that has a structure similar to the cholesterol in the body. It has the property to reduce LDL cholesterol. Moreover, it can reduce cholesterol absorption by up to 50%, causing the cholesterol in the blood to decrease.
          Therefore, it is suitable for patients with high cholesterol or under controlling blood lipids and who have a cardiovascular system issue.

          3. Enhance the immune system: Beleric extract stimulates the cells of the immune system. It helps to prevent abnormalities in the immune system. It can help the white blood cells function to respond to foreign objects or germs more efficiently. Thereby, it is suitable for people with allergies and weak physical heath.

          4. Improve respiratory system: Beleric extract has properties to relieve cough, expectorate, and reduce sore throat. It helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory system. So, it is useful for people who often have a cough and cold symptoms when the weather changes or gets dust when inhaling. Including patients who have asthma, respiratory problems, smoking, or frequently phlegm stuck in the throat.

          In consequence, Beleric is one of the most useful herbs in medical, that used from the past to the present. It uses to solve health problems, including the use of keeping to be healthy.

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