Allergy and asthma, not disappear due to weak immunity. Helped by Beta-Glucan!!!

Respiratory allergy and asthma considered related diseases. The symptoms occur by inflammation in respiratory systems such as nose, pharynx, and lungs. Allergies often occur to other symptoms, including eye symptoms such as puffy eyes and conjunctivitis, etc.
Inflammation causes the body to occur symptoms, and chronic inflammation may cause asthma.

Inflammatory inhibition and inhibit activation of both symptoms need practical immune system function. The study in allergy and asthma patients found that one of the adequate nutrients to strengthen the immune system is “Beta-Glucan”.

          The study found Beta-Glucan able to stimulate immune system extensively by two large systems as following;

  • Innate Immune System

  • Adaptive Immune System

          β-glucans are considered an immunomodulating agent for the immune system, which can effectively function against the body from microbes and foreign objects.
          And it is also considering that β-glucans are potent immunomodulators that affect both innate and adaptive immunity.

Therefore, allergy patients who do not disappear once or as often as until interfering with daily life. They should be treated by targeting strengthening and stimulating the immune system that able to reduce the symptoms of allergies. Moreover, using medication is just temporary relief symptoms, that is the only solution to the problem.

Asthma caused by the immune system is unable to function properly. Too sensitive to stimulation, that is causing to bronchial stenosis, then causing asthma.
The conclusion is Beta-glucan is considered as an immune activator. It helps to balance and enhance immune system to work efficiently. Therefore, it can help to reduce asthma symptoms.

Article by:   Phongsak Sngasri (Pharmacist and Herbal Expert)

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